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Miyamoto Iori


SettingSakurai Hikaru・Nasu Kinoko
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVKawanishi Kengo


One of the protagonists of this story.
The master of Niten Ichiryuu.
He was the pupil and adopted son of Miyamoto Musashi.
Saber's buddy.

He's flexible in his thinking, adapts easily to his circumstances, and is quick to understand things.
Even in the Waxing Moon Ritual, he grasps the situation without too much confusion.
A gentle swordsman―――
is how he appears to most people.

His master, Miyamoto Musashi, said that "Iori was born in the wrong era."
You should understand the meaning of this once you play the main story.

He uses each stance of the five elements modeled after the Book of Five Rings as his fighting style, but as this story is a Pruned Event, it's ultimately original to this Iori. It's very different from the existing Niten Ichiryuu.

His trump card is jewel magecraft that he was taught by the Crimson Codex.
His specialty in particular is flame attacks.
Iori calls it "Katon," but in actuality it's flame jewel magecraft.
As for magic circuits, he calls them "meridians."
He learned a cursory knowledge of Mystery and the Clock Tower from the Crimson Codex, but he has little self-awareness as a practictioner.

Designer Comment

He was a little difficult until he took shape. Once Takeuchi-sensei gave me a mental image to work with, I feel like the path finally opened up. I worked especially hard on his facial expressions, trying to make him look ordinary, but with sharp eyes that look like he's hiding something deep within. (Wataru Rei)


Class Saber
True Name Yamato Takeru
Gender ?
Source KojikiNihon Shoki, etc.
Alignment Neutral Good
Region Japan
Height 154cm
Weight 49kg

Setting Sakurai Hikaru
Character Design Takeuchi Takashi
CV Yamamura Hibiku


One of the protagonists of the story.
Their True Name is Yamato Takeru, their class is Saber.
Iori's buddy.

A battle genius.
They have surpassed far beyond human limits.
They possess the combat ability to defeat monsters, annihilate human armies, and sometimes even fell deities all on their own.
Iori supposedly knows troubled times, but even for him, Saber's abilities are a breed apart.

They reason they are fond of rice is that they perceive the cultivation of rice as a symbol of peace.
The fact that such delicious rice exists makes Takeru naturally find joy, perhaps sensing their beloved Ototachibana-hime.

In the beginning, they regarded Iori as "powerless" and "weak," ready to toss him aside, saying they didn't need a Master, but...
To find out how they come to feel about Iori as they spend the days fighting together, please read the main story.

Their trump card, their Noble Phantasm, is concealed most of the time―――
This style follows in the footsteps of Saber Artoria in the original work Fate/stay night.
Artoria hid her sword with the wind of her Noble Phantasm "Invisible Air," but Takeru covers their blade with the water of their Noble Phantasm "Water God," and further alters and camouflages its form to that of a dakouken.

Now, most people who meet Takeru recognize them as female, and Takeru does not expressly deny it, so their gender is not examined in this work.

Designer Comment

While keeping with the Saber-ness that always represents the face of Fate, I tried to bring out something fresh with them being more gender-neutral. As for the clothing design, I actually do this every time, but I emphasized the character's image and the Fate feel rather than the sense of the time period. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Zheng Chenggong


SettingHigashide Yuuichirou
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVMaeno Tomoaki


A historical character.
His activities in later years are told of in Chikamatsu Monzaemon's joururi The Battles of Coxinga.

Personality-wise, he's more accomplished than Iori, and considering the military might he possesses, it's clear that he surpasses Iori.
However, when it comes to killing one another, he's one step behind.

He himself wonders whether his wish for the Holy Grail is a bit materialistic, but for that reason it shouldn't be unrealistic to grant, he presumes...

His cool temperament that allows him to discard something for the sake of his wish may be caused by the impatience he feels for his country.
Whether in a Pruned Event like this or in a Compiled Event, the time when he stands as a true hero comes later on.

Designer Comment

I studied the real person a bit, and I also got a really good impression of him from the character setting I was given, so I went straight out with making him a super handsome guy. I'm not very good at doing center parts, but I'm satisfied that I managed to draw him looking good. I tried to match his colors and clothing to his partner Servant, so I'm looking forward to seeing the two of them together. (Wataru Rei)




True NameJeanne d'Arc
SourceHistorical fact
AlignmentChaotic Evil

SettingHigashide Yuuichirou・Nasu Kinoko
Character DesignTakeuchi Takashi
CVSakamoto Maaya

Portrayal in Fate/Samurai Remnant

The Servant summoned by Chiemon.
Her True Name is Jeanne d'Arc, her class is Lancer.
Summoned as Alter (a different aspect).
Normally, it is not possible to summon a different aspect of Jeanne d'Arc. As a result, in this story, she's been summoned under some twisted circumstances.

Her mentality and personality are different from the normal Jeanne d'Arc (Alter), and her basis is that of the Ruler Jeanne d'Arc.

In exhange for for being weakened to an extent unthinkable for Ruler, she has become Alter. Emotionally, she gives the impression of Jeanne d'Arc turned somewhat timid.

The concept here is of the man who wishes for hell, and the holy woman who stands by him.

She also discovers Chiemon's true wish for the Waxing Moon, and for that reason, during this summoning, she decides to concentrate her efforts on only his salvation rather than everyone's.

Designer Comment

Her clothes are just like Jeanne Alter's, but I gave her two new spears for being summoned in the Lancer class. Like with Takeru, Shimokoshi was in charge of the weapon designs. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Yui Shousetsu


SettingSakurai Hikaru
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVTamura Matsumi


A subspecies of homunculus living for her ideals.
Her name is that of a person from real history, but in this story which is a Pruned Event, she differs greatly from the actual person.

She is a pseudo artificial lifeform built by the black arts practitioner Mori Souiken.
Though her lifespan is short, she possesses the nature of a highly complete homunculus, endowed with high intelligence, superior magic circuits, and a pure mind.
She has no knowledge or awareness of it, but the source of her homunculus engineering is the Einzbern family from the West.

Yui received Mori Souiken's idealist side and pursues her own as well, seeking the Waxing Moon in order to correct the cruelty———the "distortion" of this world.

Designer Comment

I was given specifications for a "beauty in men's cloting," but I struggled to balance the rate between the impression of male vs. female. The character setting has a lot of complications, so tried not to be conscious of the real guy you learn about in history while making it. I like the ponytail part. (Wataru Rei)


True NameMinamoto-no-Raikou / Ushi Gozen
SourceAzuma KagamiUshi Gozen's Homeland, etc.
AlignmentLawful Evil
Height200cm / 152cm
Weight150kg / 39kg

SettingSakurai Hikaru
Character DesignHonjou Raita
CVTomatsu Haruka

Portrayal in Fate/Samurai Remnant

The Servant summoned by Yui Shousetsu.
Her True Name is Minamoto-no-Raikou / Ushi Gozen.
Strictly speaking, Ushi-Gozen would be her True Name as a Heroic Spirit, but since Minamoto-no-Raikou and Ushi Gozen could be said to be two sides of the same person, it's a special case.

In the event she is summoned with the True Name Minamoto-no-Raikou, she never takes the form of a young girl that she does in this story.
This form is that of a weapon for the protection of the human realm and monster extermination designed by her father, Minamoto-no-Mitsunaka, from a time when "Minamoto-no-Raikou was a monster" and had none of the emotions of a human girl.

The reason she answered the summons of Shousetsu was out of sympathy. As nonhumans with human form, they express candid suspicions about the distortion of the world.

But, isn't it sad?
Ushi Gozen never found an answer other than destruction.
No matter how many times she is summoned, her way of thinking never changes.

Designer Comment

As a "dark warrior in black clothing," I designed her imagining a tokusatsu hero where it wouldn't feel weird if they also appeared as the leader of the enemy organization. I kept some of the style of the era in the cool and strong dark warrior, but with a little bit of science fiction here and there, they've become a character in Japanese armor with a dark hero feel. (Honjou Raita)

Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro


SettingHigashide Yuuichirou
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVMikami Satoshi


A person from history.

His wish in the Waxing Moon Ritual for family fame is an ordinary one, but for that very reason, he is more desperate and more craving to have it granted than anyone.

However, it's undeniable that summoning Caster was a considerable gamble.
Even so, he didn't summon any of the the three so-called "knight classes" of Saber, Archer, and Lancer because he feared drawing too much attention.
He thinks of the Waxing Moon Ritual as a fight behind the scenes, and so he reasoned that information would be most important.

Using his inheritance (future information/circumstances of the Holy Grail War obtained by clairvoyance) left behind by his ancestor Abe-no-Seimei as a basis, he constructed the Waxing Moon, a copy of the Holy Grail.
And yet, as if to say, "try to figure out the rest yourself," Seimei only left behind incomplete information on the Holy Grail and the Holy Grail War.

By mustering his own desperate attempts, and by a few coincidences and miracles, Yasuhiro created a Waxing Moon that could just barely summon a single Heroic Spirit, and summoned Caster Hieda-no-Are.
(With this, Yasuhiro would brag that he accomplished it by his own efforts, but it would be more valid to view its success as the power of the Waxing Moon and Seimei's legacy, in particular the application of information from clairvoyance)
After that, with Caster's help he remodeled the Waxing Moon to a level where it was possible to summon multiple Servants, and the Waxing Moon Ritual was ready to be held.

The man who works in the shadows, the man obsessed with victory.
And, he may be the man who was manipulated more than anyone by the Waxing Moon Ritual.

Designer Comment

While swathing him in the untrustworthy atmosphere of the Caster faction, I wanted to completely express his dark side in a way more easy to understand, so I made him all black. I had a little trouble with them, but his clothes were the most fun to draw. (Wataru Rei)


True NameHieda-no-Are
SourceHistorical fact
AlignmentTrue Neutral

SettingHigashide Yuuichirou
Character Designpako
CVKatsu Anri


The Servant summoned by Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro.
His class is Caster, but he calls himself Recorder.
His True Name is Hieda-no-Are.

Fussy, stubborn, and rigid... a very unique Servant.
He's not an author, so he is obsessed with records rather than creation.
To that end, his wish for the Waxing Moon Ritual is "to preserve the records of the world perfectly in their correct form."
This would bestow to him the fact that someone equivalent to Hieda-no-Area definitely existed.
―――Furthermore, "correct" here refers to the "correct" that Hieda-no-Are himself wants.

Despite being Caster, he cannot use high-speed magecraft, and he is unskilled at Territory Creation and Tool Creation.
If anything, he's the type of Servant that overcomes foes with the strength of his Noble Phantasm.
That being said, his Noble Phantasm is exceedingly difficult to use, so it doesn't change that he has peaky specs overall...

Designer Comment

Like he's faintly floating in the dark, like he's a ghost, like he's a misperception, like he's a little scary, but like he himself wasn't intending any of that, and like these comments: a very vague impression. (pako)

Dorothea Coyett


SettingSakurai Hikaru
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVHirano Aya


A heroine who takes noblesse oblige to heart.
A merchant from Holland and the daughter of the Swedish aristocrat, Frederick Coyett.

She participates in the Waxing Moon Ritual, but it's merely a checkpoint of her life. She hasn't the slightest intention to stake her lineage and her entire self on this ceremony.

Her duty as a noble, as one of the wealthy, takes precedence over everything else.
If it's for the sake of her responsibilities, she won't hesitate to make use of her own life.

In actual history, her father Frederick was later defeated by Zheng Chenggong.
In regards to the timeline of the Pruned Event of this game,
after the events of the story,
she fought Zheng Chenggong alongside her father―――possibly.

Designer Comment

There were instructions for a "female villain," and as a result I made a woman that's excessively to my liking. I was really worried, but the draft thankfully passed. I wanted to have everyone appreciate that she's a magus from many angles, and I tried to make her as stylish as possible. I hope she looks good. (Wataru Rei)


True NameKouga Saburou
SourceHomeland of SuwaShintoushuu, etc.
AlignmentNeutral Evil

SettingSakurai Hikaru
Character Designdanciao
CVIshikawa Hideo


Servant summoned by Dorothea Coyett.
His True Name is Kouga Saburou.
Class is Assassin.

He claims to be the very progenitor of the later Kouga school of ninjutsu, and employs various mysterious techniques.
However, although he is indeed the ancestor of the Kouga Mochidzuki clan, there are no legends of Saburou's ninja activities.
Even so, the ninjutsu-like abilities he uses are the numerous divine powers affixed to his body, and the feats he can perform with the survival arts that achieved his trip to the underworld.

He thinks well of his Master, Dorothea, and she reminds him of his past as a feudal lord.

But in the end, he chose the path of betrayal and rampage, in order for her to surpass herself and grow.

Designer Comment

His hood and snake eye ornamentations are from me trying to design him as though his whole body is camouflaged as a snake. What I struggled with was balancing just how grotesque I should make him. I remember making him too monstrous and dialing it back... lol. It's a motif I like so I got a little carried away designing! (danciao)

Takao Dayuu


SettingSakurai Hikaru
Character DesignWataru Rei
CVKoshizmizu Ami


One of the three generations of Dayuu, the second generation Takao Dayuu.
A historical person who appears often in kabuki and joururi.
(In this story, Sendai Takao is the second generation)

She's the only one in the Waxing Moon Ritual who has no knowledge of any spells whatsoever.
She is neither a magus nor an onmyouji.
Even so, the wish she holds in her heart strongly shows in her blood and tears.

It's not worth talking about her as a practitioner (after all, she can't use any techniques), but she quickly won over Rogue Berserker as an ally, and turned her base of Yoshiwara into an impregnable fortress.

The time when Berserker Musashi-chan saved her when she was about to be killed―――
that was a chance encounter, but in the future work called "Takaomono,"
the second generation Takao Dayuu, Sendai Takao,
was killed by Lord Date Masamune's grandchild, Tsunamune.

Designer Comment

Even while giving her a sex appeal suitable for the name of Dayuu, I made sure to keep in mind that she would be an educated woman. I kind of regret adding more and more ornaments. I tried to give her a flashiness different from her partner Servant, so hopefully the image on the TV screen became gorgeous. (Wataru Rei)


True NameShinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu (Miyamoto Musashi)
SourceHistorical Fact, Fate/Grand Order
AlignmentChaotic Good

SettingSakurai Hikaru・Nasu Kinoko
Character DesignKoyama Hirokazu
CVSakura Ayane

Portrayal in Fate/Samurai Remnant

The Servant that appeared before Takao Dayuu.
Her True Name is Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu.
Usually called Miyamoto Musashi.
Class Berserker.

Musashi is different from the male Musashi of this story and of actual history. She is a female Musashi who has crossed a great many parallel worlds. She was born in a Pruned Event―――a "what if" world that disappeared into the void before it could reach the present day.

This is her after the events of Seven Duels of Heroic Spirit Swordmasters. In other words, she is a Heroic Spirit who has died once.

Her original class has been changed to Berserker, and she has lost some of her restraint on what she usually controls with reason.
For example, if she would normally tolerate a hundred sacrifices for her objective, this time she would easily allow more than ten thousand.
Probably the influence of the Waxing Moon.

In this story only, she happily mimics Iori's "five stances."
This would be unthinkable when she has a Saber Spirit Origin.
It's because she's a Berserker that she's in such a playful mood.

The truth is, she is―――not Takao Dayuu's Servant at all.
Female Musashi took up the position of the Berserker that was originally meant to be summoned.
She typically has no control over her drifting between parallel worlds, but only this time, she did. The reason is likely to be her bond with Iori...
But, the female Musashi herself doesn't know about that, and it seems she thinks she's still continuing to drift.
There is also the fact she has a Beserker Spirit Origin, and she may not fully grasp her situation.

Designer Comment

Even though she's originally Saber, she's a character with plenty of Berserker disposition (?), so I feel it was easy to imagine. The swimsuit Berserker was the cheerful type, but this time I attempted to differentiate her by bringing out her bloodthirsty side. As for the design, I started with a kimono base with Musashi's silhouette, then I added the Unryu-type rope and tried the random sleeve sashes, and I ended up having fun designing her. I had Wataru Rei-san design and illustrate the watercolor dragon on her apron. I think it came out really good. (Koyama Hirokazu)

Crimson Codex


SettingSakurai Hikaru・Higashide Yuuichirou


A talking grimoire that crossed the sea and washed ashore at Miyamoto Iori's feet by coincidence.

An artifact bound from "Phantasmal Beast leather," the tanned hide of a Hippogriff, a rare Phantasmal race.
The reason it has a consciousness and speaks full with emotion is because he has a pseudo-personality mixed with the soul of a human (likely a magus).
It's an intelligence created by magecraft on a level different from a type of homunculus.

Of course, he has a deep knowledge of the West and of magecraft, so he follows around Iori and Takeru, who are lacking experience in those areas.

Ogasawara Kaya / Caster

True NameOtotachibana-hime
SourceKojikiNihon Shoki
AlignmentLawful Good

SettingHigashide Yuuichirou
CVKono Misaki


The fifteenth Servant.
Since she's a possession type, you could say it's an actual incarnation.
The possessor Servant is Caster, and her True Name is Ototachibana-hime

She is Yamato Takeru's princess, and the Oto in her name is an inflection of the word otohito, meaning "younger."
Thus, she is also sometimes called "Tachibanahime."

She has no close quarters combat prowess as a Servant, and even as a Caster her main abilities are in support, so in a normal Holy Grail War it would be difficult for her to win.

As Ogasawara Kaya, she's a bright, precocious young girl, a cute little sister who adores her older brother.
As Ototachibanahime, she is an earnest girl who continues to yearn for Yamato Takeru.

It's a miracle that will never happen again for them to both be summoned at the same time, and they both know it.
At the same time, their relationship came to a conclusion during their lifetimes, and that may be precisely why she chose to quietly watch over them from afar.

Designer Comment

Rogue Saber

Rogue Archer

Rogue Lancer

Rogue Rider

Rogue Caster

Rogue Assassin

Rogue Berserker


True Name?
AlignmentChaotic Good

SettingNasu Kinoko
Character DesignSakamoto Mineji
CVSeki Tomokazu

Portrayal in Fate/Samurai Remnant

A Servant with no Master.
His True Name is ■■■■■■■.
Class, Ruler.

Acting as the boss of a textile shop.
He perceived the value of the Waxing Moon Ritual as soon as he was summoned and immediately lost interest.
He has little intention of doing his job as arbitrator.
He is a king, after all. That's how it goes.

He holds some interest towards the team of Miyamoto Iori and Yamoto Takeru, and sends them out on unreasonable favors as his retainers.

Designer Comment

Since he's a shopkeeper, I designed him thinking he should have a sense of exceptional leisure. At the same time, his appearance should be appropriate for when he has to confront someone directly, or when he occasionally has to show his ruthless side. (Sakamoto Mineji)